Optimized NEtwork STImulation (Onesti)
in the human brain

Tenure Track group @ University of Twente, The Netherlands

Biomedical Signals and Systems, Technical Medical Center (Chair: Peter H. Veltink)

Bettina C. Schwab

In close collaboration with University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), Germany

How do network effects contribute to the (patho)physiologic function of our brain? Our lab investigates this question with the aim to disentangle connectivity effects from effects of local activity, focusing on the motor system and the basal ganglia. Such a disentanglement, or the study of the interplay between local and connectivity effects, requires the usage of technical methods, including experimental and computational approaches: electrophysiological recordings, modulation of brain activity by both invasive and non-invasive stimulation, and neural network dynamics. In particular, we are interested in the basic mechanism of electric brain stimulation methods at a cellular and at a population scale, in their adaptation and optimization for network stimulation, as well as in the clinical relevance of network dynamics and modulation of connectivity.

You can find a lay comic about one of our experimental works here: English / German.

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