Postdocs, PhD Students

I am currently looking for a PhD student at the University of Twente in my ERC project DECODE. The focus will be on FEM modeling and the position should start in the beginning of 2024.

Furthermore, in the same project and also in Twente, I have an open position for a Postdoc in computational neuroscience with flexible start date.

Finally, there will be an opening for a medical doctor at UKE Hamburg later in this project. If you are interested in combining clinic and research and are enthousiastic about brain stimulation and movement disorders, please do not hesitate to get in touch early on.

Medical Doctoral (MD) students

Highly motivated medical students who are interested in an experimental MD thesis of at least one year (with student assistant salary) are invited to contact me. In certain cases it is also possible to do this after graduation as an MD.

Bachelor/Master students

Students interested in any of the research projects are welcome to contact me.

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